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Shanlong Sparkles on China (Dongguan) Int’l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair2016

2016-08-16 13:42:53

Successfully held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center on March 2 to 5, the China (Dongguan) Int’l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair 2016 attracted hundreds of exhibiting companies from China, India, Germany, and other countries and regions, and the exhibits covered sewing equipments, embroidery machines, laser equipments, CAD/CAM, and so on. As the leading supplier of embroidery machine control system solutions in China, Shanlong showed up with its embroidery machine control system solution, smart embroidery factory solution, special industrial sewing machine control system solution, and other products. Among which, the new generation products 816 and A29A made the first appearance on the exhibition.

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On the exhibition, Shanlong focused on displaying the new generation products 816 and A29A. With greater compatibility, the two products make greater technology breakthrough, and they are more close to the user operation requirements. Moreover, the two products can be personalized customization according to users’ actual requirements. In appearance, the two products are covered by the fashionable color and equipped with beautiful frame line, which makes them more distinguished and attractive.


Recommended Product——816

8’’ TFT true color screen, 800*600 resolution ratio, more vivid color

The head board adopts CAN communication with faster speed and higher stability

Well compatibility of the external components makes it easy to install and maintain

Advanced motion softening technology makes the frame motion gentle when under multi-head embroidering, and with a low thread breakage rate

Strong data processing ability and powerful drive capability is suitable for multi-head standard high-speed machine

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Recommended Product——A29A

   High-definition touch screen, simple and visualized human-computer interaction mode

Support three-dimensional pattern display and multi-task operation

Support multi-machine networking and embroidery machine production management function

Use the newest F series servo driver, the master control system can be communicated with the servo drive, the frame motion is more stable, and the response is faster

The machine head adopts CAN bus communication, which makes the communication speed and stability higher


Except from the two new products, the exhibits also include whole series of embroidery machine control system solution, smart embroidery factory solution, and special sewing machine control system solution. These solutions are founded on the basis of years of experience in the embroidery industry, including sequin embroidery, bead embroidery, laser embroidery, and other fashionable embroidery methods. All kinds of solutions are complete and well-known in the industry.

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The smart embroidery factory solution drew a great many eyeballs on the exhibition. This solution is composed of Shanlong pattern design center, management center, and production center. Among which, the pattern design center supports embroidery pattern design, intarsia flat knitting pattern design, and special sewing pattern design. In production center, all series of Shanlong control system can be connected, and it provides rapid and flexible pattern design methods for the users, so that to meet the requirement of high productivity and high efficiency. Meanwhile, the internet and ERP technology is introduced into the embroidery production management system, which can effectively help reduce the operating cost and enhance productivity.


Plenty of professional customers came to visit Shanlong booth and discussed business during the exhibition. After obtaining in-depth knowledge of Shanlong products, some customers expressed their cooperation intentions in the future with Shanlong, and fervidly exchanged the product information with our employees. The exhibition got a great success with the satisfaction and compliment of the visitors and exhibitors. Shanlong looks forward to seeing all of our respected customers in 2017, and we assure you that we will surprise you beyond your expectation!

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